Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PART SEVEN. Food. Number One

Today, in the life of our blog, it is a Thursday at noon, and shoppers have already begun to crowd into the relatively narrow isles:

The ceiling is a sky-light, put up to protect everyone should it rain. The isles are wide enough to accommodate perhaps 5 people shoulder-to-shoulder. Maybe.

The stands selling foods are crammed up against one another.

The food for sale varies every few feet.

So do the people:

What's he doing here?

He's a politician?

Look over there. There's someone taking pictures.

Say, this guy is really good. See his index finger? He doesn't walk up to you and point his camera at you. No. He's better than that. He just carries his camera against his chest, index finger ready, and when he likes what he sees, he simply moves his finger just a little, and pop! he's got your picture.

Wherever you turn, something new, something different--

Want to add some spice to your life?

You have lots of choices!

Want a new fruit?

How about dragon fruit?

You can get them with a dark red meat or a very white meat. Peal away the 'dragon' skin, and voila! juicy fruit-meat. Great for a fruit salad.

Or--something even more different--

I forget what these are.

But remember, you'll need one of these first--

before you say your brochot.

But then, properly clothed, you can grab (and pay for) one of these--

Right?  Why not shop and eat?

Isn't that better than eating and shopping?

Who knew?

But wait. First, you have to look for a Kosher certificate. After all, why make assumptions, right?

Not so fast: are you an American? Then--quick, when does this certificate expire? Can you see the date? The certificate is valid until when?  07/12/10? What date is that? What do I mean, 'what date is that?' It's clear, isn't it? Exactly, The certificate ends on Dec 12, 2010. Got that?  Hey, this is Israel, not America! In Israel, dates are written-----day, month, year.
So, 07/12/10 means Dec 12, not July 12!!! What's your problem? You an Americanski? 

Look across the isle. Do you know what these are?

At the bottom, fresh dates. At the top--dried dates.

All you can grab. And then pay for.

 How much did he say they were?

Watch out! Watch where you're walking!

Say, can I be on TV, too? I used to live in America--- red, white and blue, just like you!

Thursday, many do their Shabbat shopping now, even with a TV crew jamming up the isle, so you can  get your challa here---

How many do you want?

 You can get salad greens, and cut-up squash--

Or, even something green from Thailand--

Of course, if, like many Israelis, you like Chalavi (milk products) instead of meat, you can always find something sweet to eat--

Ahhh, cheese. How many ways can we say, 'cheese'?  Let us eat  our way........

Tomorrow night Shabbat begins. Do you know what time candle-lighting time is? No problem!

Just look for this sign--they're posted everywhere in the Shuk: tomorrow is Friday, November 19 (remember, the date at the heading of this--and every-- PART is not a real calendar date--it's just the way to fix where in the blog this--and every-- PART belongs; real dates are those inside the text): candle lighting this week will be at 4:03 pm in Jerusalem. Shabbat ends at 5:16pm Saturday night.

Now, remember, this is Israel, so you can't shop for your Shabbat meals and neglect--


Olives galore!

And then--more olives, this time with lemon and green pepper!

                                                          SHABBAT SHALOM!!!!

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