Thursday, July 15, 2010

PART EIGHT. The Real Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a story that does not end--

 For me, there are two Jerusalems.

First, there is the modern city called Jerusalem.

It'a a city like any other--

buses and people outside the Shuk
Jerusalem is a 'working' city--

 corporate entities sell and service product
Jerusalem the modern city can be called

old and  new and growing

Of course, Jerusalem has another hallmark of the modern city--

traffic jams
 But always, this is a city where  people do what they always do in great places--


But there is a second world in Jerusalem--

An ancient world,

a 'Bazaar' world

A world that takes you first

down one ancient street

and then

down another ancient--almost fairytale-- street

drawing you past

shops of 'olde'

Until you come to
                                                                          the Kotel--

your first view of the Kotel


The Plaza at the Kotel

And finally--

The Western Wall--the Kotel

where today you discover

a Sephardi Bar Mitzvah

as the Bar Mitzvah  boy

reads the Torah

Afterwards, an adult

raises the Torah


turns around, so all can see the text

Then,  you leave the Kotel--

along ancient-stone streets

where you

turn down onto a darker, shadowed street

where you turn

to look back, behind you

Then, through a window, a discovery!

Yeshiva boys learning at Yeshivat Bircat HaTorah

You continue, past a doorway that is

carved into a stone wall, revealing a stone chamber

Then, you see a tiny slice of an

inner courtyard behind a door

You walk past

an ancient Roman ruin that is isolated, revealed

until you are back into the 21st century, on a modern city street--

Where you walk once again in the Modern Jerusalem, a city that is building, changing, upgrading--

Until you suddenly see, off to the side,

business in an ancient modern city

To be continued--

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