Thursday, July 22, 2010

PART SEVEN. Food. Introduction

Buying food in Maale Adumim is no different from buying food in America--with one exciting exception.

You can go to a supermarket. You can go to speciality stores (a butcher, a 'health food' store, etc). You can go to a local 'grocery' store.

Or, you can go into Jerusalem, and go to the 'shuk'!

A 'shuk' is similar to an open-air farmers market. Put another way, if you've ever gone to a local farmer's market in Pittsburgh, you have been to a 'shuk'.

Of course, there is a 'shuk', and then there is a SHUK!--a large, sprawling, market filled with shoppers and literally hundreds of stands.

Today, I will take you out of Maale Adumim, to show you the Jerusalem 'shuk' located on Machne Yehudah--the main 'shuk' of the city.

You'll see only pieces of it, but perhaps you'll catch the flavor.

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