Friday, July 2, 2010

PART TEN. Religion and Politics. Number Two

A little while ago, a military helicopter flew by overhead. It was interesting to watch.

It flew for several seconds directly towards Amman, the capital of Jordan. Looks like another act of aggression by the aggressor Zionist entity, right?

By the way--according to the Middle east Arab press, which the American press often reports without comment, there is no State of Israel--no sovereign  national status. There is only a "Zionist entity".

Sounds like an attempt to de-legitimize Israel's being a country, doesn't it;  you know, it's not a country--it's an "entity".

In the Middle East, such subtleties seem to have significance.

Anyway, as this military helicopter flies directly towards Amman, I notice a couple of things.

First, there seems to be no  response from Amman--no scrambling of aircraft to meet or intercept this supposed "act of aggression", which, of course, opens the possibility that the title  "Aggressor Zionist entity" might be more propaganda than fact.

And second, I find the helicopter's arc of travel to be interesting, for, as it approaches the Jordanian border--remember, this aircraft is not just heading towards a foreign border, but directly at a foreign capital-- it seems to turn very gently away from Amman and more generally to parallel the border.

One military helicopter over a hazy desert sand-scape, one foreign capital surely in its gunsights, arcing gently away from that capital just a few seconds from crossing the border.

With no frenetic response from Jordan.

Does this suggest some sort of acceptance,  or even collusion between the two countries?

Does it suggest a potential basis for future cooperation?

Or is it simply Arab contempt for the Jewish State?

What's true here?

As I try to follow the helicopter as it starts to disappear into the haze that sits over the barren desert  in front of me, I begin to wonder--the truth, like that helicopter, seems to disappear, lost in a  haze of heat; lost, yes, but perhaps revealed in a hazy, desert-hot hatred that is indeed Biblical in proportion.

I look up, away from my computer, out my window, which looks out over the top of my next-door neighbor's house (I live on a  hill).

There, on the roof top, two pigeons seem to struggle, mating.

So what's the truth for this place--the seemingly eternal struggle of Arab against Jew, or the mating ritual?

That's my choice?

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