Thursday, July 1, 2010

PART TEN. Religion and Politics. Number Three


Shloimy, you'd better keep your eye on the news. They might mention my name--

I  saw a news story today that Hilary Clinton is in Jerusalem to discuss the "looming crisis with Israeli west bank settlements".

Just to let you know--any time you see a news story about the 'crisis with Israeli west bank settlements', you should know that they are talking about me.

You didn't know Hilary was so concerned about where I live, did you?

Does she spend so much time worrying about where you live?

Does she fly to your neighborhood to talk about how worried she is about your house?

Why not?

At least your house is in America.

You'd think that, as an important American public official, she'd  give you more time than me, right?

I mean, you're an American.  You live in America.

More important, you house is in America.

Doesn't that count for something?

How come she spends more time worrying about me, over you?

Don't you count?

Shloimy, I think you should look into this. Mrs. Clinton is spending all of those tax dollars you send in, and what is she doing?

Going to Israel?

Sounds suspicious to me.

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