Saturday, July 3, 2010

PART TEN. Religion and Politics. Number One


 High Holiday Season is here, and we are all engaged by that-- and by an increase in Arab attacks against Jews--so we are busy.

As you might have seen in the news recently, peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are in full swing. Everyone--the US, the EU and the UN--are all pressuring Israel to make concessions for peace.
Do they make a compelling case?

 But however the West looks at this situation, the Arabs certainly seem to have a strange way of looking at this . You'd think that, when peace talks begin, the Arabs would sigh and say, finally, we can move forward. But peace talks only seem to infuriate Arabs.

Think about that: Why would talk of peace infuriate one of the conferees?

Why would talk of peace infuriate the side that has the most to gain from peace?

Since the latest round of peace talks have begun, arab attackers have so far murdered 2 jewish young couples, including a pregnant woman (in two separate incidents), ambushing them and machine-gunning them to death; machine-gunning another couple's car, running the car of the road--the only reason the couple survived is that their assailants' weapons jammed and the couple were able to crawl away from their over-turned car and crawl into a ditch (in the dark) and the Arabs then couldn't find them, to finish off the job; a 16 year old girl was seriously injured in  a car she was riding in when an Arab hurled a large rock at the girl's car from a highway embankment, striking her in the head; an 8- year old boy was 'stoned', his face lacerated by several rocks, when attacked by several Arabs on his street.

Right now, all girls' seminaries in Jerusalem are on 'lock-down', and, while my daughter's school in not in Jerusalem, it, too, in on 'alert', and the girls are being kept out of Jerusalem. Also, we see more men on the street wearing weapons, and there seem to be more soldiers out carrying M-16 rifles and/or wearing sidearms.


In Pittsburgh, we know there are policemen  who, during their entire careers, may never draw their weapon, or face a life-death confrontation with a murderer. Here, it is not uncommon to read that an Arab attack has occurred someplace and only two people were killed--the Arab and a police officer (or soldier or guard). Everyone here who wears a uniform and carries a weapon knows he or she can die, quickly and brutally.

Every day now, we offer a special, silent thanks to these brave guardians. It doesn't seem proper that one of them may die because they stand between us and someone who hates Jews.

Hate Jews?

Do people still really do that--hate Jews?

Come to Israel. You'll learn fast.

The world scoffs at the Jew in Israel--they (these stupid Jews) are always talking about the Holocaust. Ridiculous! Why waste so much time talking about the past?

Well, it's true. The Nazis are no longer killing Jews. Those days are past. But Jew-hatred is alive and well. The desire for a Judenfrei (Jew-free) world is not gone. Only now, it's not the Nazi who kills Jews. it's the Arab.

And, just as in the late1930's very few in the world seemed to care about Jews, so too today.

Today, it's not the Nazi press who calls for the Jew to be 'removed'. It's the Arab press. It's not the Nazi street that celebrates Jew-killing. It's the Arab street.

When the report of the first young jewish couple being killed (see above) was reported, Arabs danced in the street. A pregnant woman was murdered. Machine-gunned to death.

Arabs danced in the street.

The world didn't care.

 Israel news media showed Jews mourning the murdered couples, and we see 6 young orphans who are too young to understand why Abba and Imma  are not there for them; we see this and mourn--and the Arab sees this and rejoices.

The world press is blind.

What do you think is the message when we see this rejoicing over  dead Jews and these orphaned crying children, and a silent world press? Is the message a desire to live in peace? Or, is the message really a reminder that all is well only when Jews die?

Then, our Prime Minister sits down with these people as our 'peace partners'.

Then, another attack on Jews. More rejoicing in the Arab street.

More world silence.

Would you believe that there are actually Jews who do not see the Arab as a true peace partner?

Why would a Jew think like that?

The Jew must be insane.

You know what the Left in both America and Israel say? The Jew must make peace with these people. Then all will be well.


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