Sunday, July 11, 2010

PART NINE. Living on the Edge. Introduction

The city we live in is called Ma'ale Adumim, and it is app 6.5 kilometers by road east of Jerusalem, and app 3 kilometers the way the crow flies. You have already read about the physical layout in Part Two, the Photo Album.

Although we are considered, for purposes of Shabbat times and Kashrut issues, to be a part of Jerusalem, we feel that we live in a place that is distinctive: we are at the edge of the desert.
Our apartment is larger, newer and cheaper than we could get in Jerusalem, and our public environment is noticeably cleaner--similar to the difference between central Oakland in Pittsburgh vs the North Hills.

We have 3 balconies, and from each we can look both West towards Jerusalem, and to the East, towards Jordan. In fact, Jerusalem is close enough to see every day, and on a very clear day, we can  also see buildings in downtown Amman, Jordan. At night, we can  see the lights of both Jerusalem and Amman.

Our apartment sits between these two cities, amd we live on the edge--of the desert.

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