Monday, October 4, 2010

PART ONE. "Weather Reports". Number Two

Shalom, Shloimy,
August 2010

Got a double weather forecast the other day.

One website said that the day's high temperature in Maale Adumim would be 104 degrees.

Another website said the day's high would be 96 degrees.


Which would it be?

I think I see an opportunity here.

You know, new olim are constantly talking about making money starting a new business here.

Personally, I think they're nuts. I mean, they're new. What do they know about business over here?

But this is different.

It's pure genius!

After all, if the temperature predictions are so varied, well, I can

Start a lottery.

Think about it. The winner would be the person who correctly guesses the day's final high temperature.

What do you think?

A real money-maker, right?

Ahhh, Israel currency is so much more picturesque than ours, don't you think?

A lottery will create lots of it.

Oh, wait.

There's a problem.

If the daily forecasts are only 6-8 degrees apart, we could get more than one winner.


Hmmm. That's right. Too many winners could cut into our profits.

In fact, with temperature forecasts this close, there could easily be more winners than losers.


That could really hurt profits.

Hey. How can you make any money with a scheme like that?

Say, Shloimy, where do you come up with these ideas?

Have you been spending too much time in the sun?

Having lots of fun in the desert --


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