Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PART ONE. "Weather Reports". Number One

August 2010

Shalom from Maale Adumim, Israel.

This place is beautiful.
It’s different.

I'm not used to this--

Shloimy, listen to what I'm telling you-- my wife and I are definitely not in Pittsburgh, anymore.

For a Pittsburgher, this is better than DisneyWorld.

Just look at this place!

Yes, Shloimy. There is a 'but' here.

This is NOT the desert.

Do you understand?
How do I know that?

What,  don't you get it?

Don't you know anything?

 You have to watch the weather reports.

That's the secret.
That's what tells you we are not in the desert.
Got that?
We are not in the desert.
Of course, when I look out my window, it sure looks like a desert.

But what do I know?
I’m from Pittsburgh, Pa.
So I watch the weather reports.
They tell me everything.
For example, nearby, it’s the Dead Sea.

Look at the hills in the foreground. See, in the left bottom foreground,  how the hills tilt downward?

Now, look just beyond the farthest ridge in the left bottom corner--there is a haze, yes, but look closely at the haze, in that left bottom section, just above the ridge line:  do you see how the haze is slightly darker there than the haze immediately above it?  That's the Jordan plain, a valley between the hills on the Israel side (this side) and that taller ridge of hills on the Jordan side ( the darker horizontal line at the very top of the haze).

In that portion of picture where you see the haze between the two ridges--that's where the Dead Sea is--off to the right, below and behind the foreground hills on the right.

The Dead Sea area is the lowest point on earth, some 400 meters below sea level.

Now, that’s the desert--that plain area off to the right. The weather report tells me that today it will be 110 degrees down there in  the Dead Sea.
Got that?
That’s desert.
But here, in Maale Adumim, we will not get 110.
No way.
Got that?
We do not get 110 degrees in Maale Adumim.

Remember that.
What, you think this is the desert?

Well, it’s not.
You want proof?
I’ll give you proof.
How do I know it’s not the desert?

Well, for one thing, do you think that that red flower in the left foreground can grow like that in a desert?

Don't be ridiculous.

The desert is too hot for that.
Didn't I just tell you that in the desert,  it’s going to be 110 degrees today?

Shloimy, how many times do I have to repeat myself?
Here, in Maale Adumim,  it will only be 102 degrees today.
So it’s cooler than the desert.
And if it’s cooler than the desert, you’re going to tell me this is desert?
What are you, a city-slicker?

I have to tell you everything?

City-slicking in the desert,


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