Sunday, September 26, 2010

PART ONE. "Weather Reports". Number Eight

October 2010

Shalom, Shloimy,

Have you looked out your window today?

Do you know what you're looking at?

My online weather report says you've got 47 degrees and rain.

Do you understand?

You're the one with the rain and the cold

and the soggy boots--not me!

See what happens when you try to be first

when you're not supposed to be?

Didn't I tell you that

You're supposed to wait?

Look at you!

Do you realize how terrible 47 degrees is?

I don't think they make an outdoor thermometer here

that goes that low!

How can you live like that?

Don't you have any self-respect?

You know what I'm talking about, right?

How can you feel good about yourself, when

You have to walk out into that cold and


Wet, soggy rain?

You like that?

Why don't you think about our weather, for once?


You brought this on yourself, you know that, right?

I tell you to wait until September 30.

But no, you can't wait!

Does this always have to be about you?

Can't you ever think about somebody else?

Know what our weather report is, for today?

Don't you even care?

Look what I got outside MY window!

That's what 's outside my window.

 92 and sunny.

Do you see--not a cloud in the sky.

What have you got?

Eat your heart out.

Shloimy, listen to what I'm telling you.

How can you learn anything, if you don't listen?

Gotta go now.

Have to look for my sunglasses.

Smiling in  the sun,


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