Monday, September 6, 2010

PART TWO, Photo Album. Number Two

As we continue to walk toward home from shopping, another vista appears.
This picture actually shows portions of all three finger-ridges.

Look into the middle distance, near the middle of the picture. On the left, you see a portion of the lower tip of the left finger-ridge as it continues out into the desert. Across from it sits the right finger-ridge, just before it also continues, curving downwards and  to the right, out of sight, towards the desert floor.

The end of the shorter middle finger-ridge is also here, closer to the left foreground. Here, on the left, all you can see of it is the land sloping down away from its end-point, sloping down into the middle of the picture-front to the desert floor. The trees in the right foreground, bottom,  are at the base of that slope.

See that?

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