Sunday, September 5, 2010

PART TWO, Photo Album. Number Three

This is a slightly different view of the same scene. Look at the left edge of the picture, middle of the picture. Can you see the red roof-tops of  buildings there? There are green trees clustered with the buildings. Can you see that? Those buildings on the left are near the bottom tip of the left finger-ridge that I described in the previous picture.

I show you this second view, however, for a reason. It teaches you something about the desert.

Look how the landscape forms a 'V' ; my guess is that the height between the bottom of the 'V' (which is actually not visible) and the buildings on the right is about 600 feet--or more.

It's also steeper and  than it looks.

In the desert, it seems that the closer you get, the more you realize how massive this setting is.

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