Friday, June 11, 2010

PART THIRTEEN. Name that thing!

In this Part, you will have the opportunity to identify objects not found in the USA.

Take a look at each picture. Guess what it is.

The answers are at the bottom.

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

Picture Five

Picture Six

Picture Seven

Picture Eight

Picture Nine

Picture Ten

Picture Eleven

Picture Twelve

Picture Thirteen



Picture One is a fire hydrant in Maale Adumim

Picture Two is an outdoor water fountain

Picture Three is a road sign to identify a pedestrian crosswalk

Picture Four is an outdoor mailbox near the Western Wall, Jerusalem

Picture Five is not a price tag for a tree; it's a sign telling drivers that a bridge ahead has a clearance height of 4.85 meters--app 15 feet 8 inches

Picture Six is a hot springs exit point in Tiberias, Israel. Can you see the hot steam coming out?

Picture Seven is a neighborhood paper-only recycle collection bin in Maale Adumim

Picture Eight is a garbage bin in Maale Adumim. Instead of putting daily garbage into a trash can, and then taking the can out to the street once a week for pickup, you put daily garbage into this bin (on the street); garbage is picked up every day.

Picture Nine is a horse. Can't you recognize a horse when you see one? This is a modern wire sculpture, to illustrate how a horse might have stood, just before leaning forward, in his stable,  to drink from a water trough in the 5th Century. Picture taken at the Tzippori Archaeological dig site, Israel.

Picture Ten is a neighborhood plastics recycle collection bin, Maale Adumim

Picture Eleven is a rear-view look of a short fire hydrant, Maale Adumim

Picture Twelve is a wood tree-stump carved to look like a seat. Taken at Archaeological dig at Tzippori, Israel.

Picture Thirteen is a sign in a Jerusalem Park. It is the end.

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