Sunday, June 6, 2010

PART FOURTEEN. The Colors of Israel

This section is still under construction: we start first with pictures.

11-14   019  lemon tree outside an apartment

In front of an apartment house--11-14   020

Along a wall--11-30   021

11-14    024    date tree at a parklet

A view of the desert as we walk to our neighbor grocer. The mountains in the far backround are the mountains of Biblical Moab, modern Jordan: the colors of the desert.

At a parklet near our neighborhood grocery store--11-17  001

11-17  002

11-17   003

11-17   004

outside a local shopping plaza

Bird of Paradise at local shopping plaza

 two Birds of Paradise

a bottoms-up look at an olive tree,  in front of an apartment building

Cactus in the countryside

Path to campsite where Gideon gathered troops before battle, Lower Galill

The Kinneret (Sea Of Galilee)

A view from atop the ruins of Megiddo: the Emek Yizre'el, Israel's fertile farmland

View of portion of Emek Yizre'el, from Megiddo

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