Monday, August 22, 2011

Did you know that Israel was 'for the birds!'

It's true.

Israel is for the birds.

You realize what that means, don 't you?

It means that, according to at least two internet websites, Israel is--this is their word--the superpower of birding!


Because Israel has a bird. Here's proof:

And you know what they say about a bird?

Where there's one--there's ten:

Oh, wait. I have that wrong. It's not ten. It's what, fifteen?

Did you count them?

I don't think you counted right:

Be alert!

Count again!

Say, can we talk for a minute? You can't keep trying to count, you know. You'll get confused:

I mean, if you don't stop fidgetting, how can you count? Everything will be a blur, right?

Gosh, that a lot of bird!

You think that's a lot?

What? You say you can't see anything here?

The birds are too high up for you, is that it?

Well, then:


If you like birds:

Bye, bye, birdee.

These birds are storks. My daughter caught them on camera as they flew over our house. Israel is a major bird highway during their annual Spring and Fall migration. We think the storks paused in their flight so we could grab a camera and take these pics!

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