Sunday, August 29, 2010

PART TWO, Photo Album. Number Nine

To give you a sense of the enormity of the desert as well as a sense of how colors of the desert can change, look at this picture. It is the same scene as the previous pictures,  from a different angle, a different time of day, and from a point higher up.

On the bottom- right, you see that building with the green angled roof.

To the left, you see again  the development of the left-side finger-ridge.

In picture six above, the hills behind the development are almost white. Here, at a different time of day, the color is completely changed!

Compare those hills with the sand in Number Six!

This picture is a bit grainy, but I include it to show how dramatically desert colors can  change. Since I'm new to this environment, I don't know if I catch that light again.

Here's the same picture as above, a different time, slightly different angle. The green-roofed building is out of the picture, but still there, on the right.
Compare the color of the sand here with the sand in picture six.

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